Ashena Group

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Ashena Group Intro

Comprising fifteen respectable companies and having the Toos-Ashena Co. Ltd. , as the functioning core of the group in Mashhad, is one of the leading companies in IT and ICT in Iran and the region.


Since, January 23, 1998.

Main Fields of Activity

  1. IT technical maintenance
  2. Electronics maintenance and operation services

Group's Vista

Integration and improving the quality of the knowledge and intellectual life using IT and related fields of work and study, which started in Mashhad, Iran, and expanding its services to country and world-wide borders.

Strategic Goals

Incremental activity to achieve the following goals:

  1. New jobs definition and creation in IT and ICT industry via the establishment and nurturing new companies fulfilling the purpose
  2. High definition Internet Service Providing
  3. Infrastructure services
  4. Data Center Services
  5. Value added services based on several media platforms


Group's Principals Charter

  1. Mutual trust and respect
  2. Being knowledgeable and eligible based
  3. Deed and speech honesty
  4. Social responsibility
  5. Personnel participation increase
  6. Commitment and loyalty to the organization
  7. Customer-orientated
  8. Consistent and continuous learning
  9. Knowledge-based efflorescence